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OOC Information
Player Name: Brantron
Player Age: 30
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] fullofbees
Player/Character HMD: Over here
Other characters in game: None!

IC Information
Character Name: Yuna Akashi
Character Canon: Negima (AU - previous game memories from [community profile] mayfield_rpg and [community profile] havenrpg)
Character Age/Gender: 18/female
Canon Point: I will be importing her in after her experiences in Mayfield and then Haven as a game import character, but for purposes of her original canon point, she originally came in from near the end of the Magic World Arc, directly after being turned to stone by a petrification spell.
Character Canon History: Right over here.

Character Personality: Yuna Akashi is more or less your typical, cheerful, friendly basketball loving high school girl. Minus all the crazy magic stuff, but we'll get to that later. Yuna acts as the de facto 'leader' of the sports girls group in Negi's class, and is usually the one who comes up with plans and ideas for getting into all sorts of things. She's got a bit of a mischevious streak to her, and seems to enjoy teasing the people she's close to, like when she tells the other sports girls that her breasts are getting larger because of all the milk she drinks, knowing full well they'll all go out and start chugging it by the gallon. She also frequently teases and flirts with Negi in a good-natured fashion, thinking of him mostly as a cute little kid.

Yuna is also one of the most laid back members of the class, taking news that would shock anyone else in relative stride and adjusting to new circumstances on the fly. When she is accidentally transported to the Magic World, she quickly adapts to her new situation, getting a job as a waitress and fitting right in by making friends with her customers. Later, she learns of the real circumstances behind her mother's death and that she’s actually descended from magic users, and her response is little more than a shrug, a wink, and a smile. It's nothing she can change, and there's some hints of sadness hiding below the surface, but overall she takes it with a surprising level of maturity.

This maturity was likely developed in her dealings with her father while she was growing up. Since Yuna lost her mother at a young age, she had to fill in as the woman of the house for her intelligent but highly disorganized father. She basically does all of the cooking and cleaning, and he's a total mess without her to look after him. The two are very close, and she's developed an almost unhealthy level of affection for him due to having to take care of him in her mother's place all those years. She often jokes about wanting to marry him, but it's kind of questionable how much of it is actually joking. It's fair to assume that Yuna is still somewhat naïve about relationship dynamics in general, and just never stopped playing the role of the little girl who adores her daddy so much that she wants to marry him when she grows up.

For all of her kidding around, happy-go-luckiness, and generally carefree personality, Yuna also knows how to buckle down and get serious when she really needs to. Although she forms a pactio with Negi largely on a whim and out of a desire to get a cool artifact, she takes to her new role as a backup combatant with surprising speed and enthusiasm. Yuna's very loyal and incredibly protective of her friends, which is probably why she's able to grow into this new role in the group with such ease. She shows a little of this side when she stays by Negi's side to hold his hand while he's suffering from the side effects of Magia Erebea. The ultimate evidence of this side of Yuna is her sacrifice when fighting Fate and his minions, in which she takes a petrification bullet to save her friend Makie.

AU Information: Since Yuna's AU is really just previous game memories, I'm going to summarize this with a few paragraphs on what happened to her in those games - the major events and how they changed her personality and general world outlook.

Her stay in Mayfield changed her in several ways, the first being that she is much more cautious than she would normally be at the time she was taken from her original canon. Mayfield routinely inflicted various forms of physical, mental, and emotional torture on the people living there, and quite often there was nothing to be done about it except to simply endure the pain. Because of this, Yuna now has a keen awareness of just what her limits are, and that sometimes you can't solve all of your problems by brute-forcing them and having a lot of energy and confidence. She is also more patient and willing to plan things out instead of diving in head first. In a specific event where drinking tainted milk caused some residents of the town to hallucinate, Yuna was convinced that she was back home helping Negi fight demons in the Magic World and ended up killing two innocent people while she was under the effects of the event, one of whom was a close friend of hers at the time. During all of this, she was also killed herself, but revived by the respawn mechanisms inherent to the town. She isn't keen on repeating the experience of being forced to kill someone for no reason or being killed herself, so this is all something she's carried with her ever since, and a reminder to be serious and disciplined in the use of her combat talents. Most of the rest of her plot involvement in the game was as combat support for other characters who were fighting on the front lines of various battles – she wasn't ever involved in the various information gathering efforts, but spent a lot of time defending the town and its residents whenever possible.

As another result of having been trapped in Mayfield, Yuna was able to devote much more time and discipline to developing her combat skills and her talent as a mage. She was able to train under no less than four magical teachers during her time there - Negi Springfield from her home canon, Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay series, Blue from SaGa Frontier, and Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter universe. Negi was able to tutor her to the point of becoming a full-fledged mage capable of using spells past the standard beginners' magic of that universe, Rin taught her lessons in concentration and control, Blue showed her ways to bend her spells in unconventional ways to accomplish goals other than what they were originally designed for, and she and Draco were able to briefly discuss theory. As far as combat training is concerned, she spent a lot of time practicing her marksmanship skills with her adopted Mayfield father Garviel Loken, a space marine from the Warhammer 40k universe. Due to all of this training and hard work, she has developed even greater accuracy and reaction time with firearms, and has even learned how to operate heavier weapons such as rifles.

Yuna came into Mayfield with nothing more than the magical potential in her blood from having been born to two bloodline mages. It was through the training mentioned above that she was able to actually tap into this power and put it to practical use. The standard description of the only actual attack spell she's learned to date, Sagitta Magica, can be found here. She is still a beginner, and is able to conjure only one flaming arrow at a time, and still needs both an incantation and a wand in order to focus her power properly. This ability came from her training with Negi Springfield. Due to coming from different worlds than her other teachers, Yuna was only able to learn basic technique and theory from them, rather than specific spells. Rin Tohsaka's training focused on efficient use of magical energy as well as maintaining one's focus under pressure - this was accomplished through repeated live combat trials, forcing Yuna to defend herself against unannounced sneak attacks, and several Karate Kid style practical training lessons on precision such as painting Rin's toenails without tickling her in the process. Through her lessons, Yuna was able to refine her technique to release it using the optimum amount of magical energy without wasting any, as well as pinpoint accuracy when directing her power. Blue's training focused around modifying Yuna's magic to do things it would not be able to accomplish otherwise. The sole technique he was able to pass on during their training together was the ability to bend the trajectory of Yuna's shot when using her spells. She's still a beginner at this, however, and able to change the shot's direction only once - it hasn't approached anything even remotely resembling a homing effect. As for Draco, the two hadn't gotten around to actual training together, so the knowledge Yuna took home from her conversations with him amounted to little more than a comparison of techniques between the worlds of Negima and Harry Potter - which held more in common than either had originally anticipated.

As far as Yuna's personal life is concerned, there's one fairly major change that occurred in Mayfield that bears mentioning. Due to some emotional manipulation inflicted on Yuna during the 2012 Valentine's Day event, she got her first real kiss from someone other than the one she had to share with Negi to make her pactio. However, almost all of these kisses were from other girls, forcing Yuna to seriously consider relationship dynamics and her own feelings toward them for the first time when she found herself unable to forget an intimate moment she shared with one of her female friends, Rin Kagamine. Interspersed with other Mayfield occurrences over the next half-year of the game, Yuna awkwardly stumbled through her first romantic confession and attempt at a relationship. This eventually ended in a rejection by Rin as Yuna tried to deal with the associated feelings, and a surprise love confession to Yuna in return by another friend, Rin Natsuki. Everything finally turned out well as Yuna reconciled with Kagamine and began her first real relationship with Natsuki.

Near the end of Mayfield's reign of terror over the abductees, it was publicly revealed that all of the people who had been brought to the town were simply digital copies of the original characters. This information affected Yuna rather deeply at the time, though by her current canon point she's mostly dealt with the revelation. She still refers to herself as Yuna Akashi and speaks of her memories no differently than she did when she originally arrived there, but the awareness that those memories actually happened to the original Yuna Akashi and not her is constantly there in the back of her mind. She still treasures the memory of her family and friends from Mahora Academy, as she feels that those memories define her more than anything and make her who she is, even if she's a copy of the original Yuna. However, her memories from Mayfield (and later, Haven) are very important to her as well, because these are the ones that make her unique and set her apart. They're the only memories she knows for sure that she experienced and the original Yuna didn't.

Yuna didn't spend even half as long in Haven as she did in Mayfield, and none of the specific events there affected her outlook as much as the experience of simply having been abducted to a new prison of a town much in the same vein as the one she'd just come from. At first, she was very frustrated with her new situation, as the end of Mayfield had taken the form of one of the NPCs betraying the others and leading the characters to a new town where they could start over and rebuild a new paradise for themselves. Halfway through the portal to this 'better place,' Yuna must have taken a wrong turn somehow, and found herself standing in front of the big welcome sign in front of Haven.

Haven itself was a post-apocalyptic town, mostly abandoned except for the other people who had been brought there. By happenstance, there were a number of other people from Mayfield who had also ended up in Haven, and Yuna quickly tracked them down to discuss what had transpired in the previous town. Following a conversation with Ciel from Tsukihime (another Mayfield refugee), she decided it would be best not to mention the fact that they were all digital clones to those who had arrived in Haven from elsewhere until they'd managed to collect more information about the location, who was in charge, and how exactly they had gotten everyone there.

She only spent a few months in Haven before ending up in Saeng Seong, but those months were full of much of the same sorts of torture that she'd become used to in Mayfield. In a sense, a lot of it was even worse. In Haven, the abductees had to scrounge for fresh water and edible food, and during many of the events even this supply was cut off somehow. Peoples' memories and emotions were manipulated in an effort to sow distrust and get people to kill each other, and it often worked to great effect. Having survived Mayfield, however, this didn't faze Yuna quite as much as it did some others, and she retained her resolve to endure and fight back when she could. Obviously, however, she would never get the chance, waking up in Saeng Seong instead one day.

Needless to say, she is not going to trust this place one bit, and it's going to take quite a while to get her to lower her guard after spending nearly three years hopping from nightmare town to nightmare town.

Character Abilities: Yuna has the talent for magic by virtue of her blood, having been born as the daughter of two relatively skilled mages. She isn't a member of any sort of ancient or powerful magical lineage, and she's just recently started to learn spells on her own, but she knows enough to perform basic effects like conjuring a small flame (Ardescat), lighting up the end of a wand (Lux), or summoning a gentle wind (Vente). She also possesses a single attack spell, Sagitta Magica, which is the standard attack spell in Negima. At high levels of skill, it can be used to summon multiple elemental arrows at once to attack a group of enemies, but currently Yuna only has enough talent to fire one at a time. An in-depth discussion of how far she's come with this ability is included in her history section dealing with her time in Mayfield.

Yuna is also a fairly skilled marksman. While not professional level, she certainly knows her way around a handgun, and proves her worth in combat during the Magic World arc and during the Mages vs. Martians event at Mahora campus. She is never shown wielding any guns larger than a handheld pistol, but has displayed an impressive level of proficiency with them, and is also able to effectively dual-wield without any drop in accuracy.

Relating to her skill with guns, Yuna also possesses a pactio contract with Negi that allows her to summon a pair of magical pistols called Iris Tormentum. The guns are normally stored in what looks like a stylized playing card, which transforms into her battle costume and weapon when she gives a special command word. She typically only uses one gun at a time, but both possess the same two abilities:
Spirit Transformation Canceling Bullet - Can be used to suppress transformations and alternate forms of anything that is able to magically shapeshift (such as werewolves, etc),
Magic Suppression Bullet - Cancels the use of all magic for 3 minutes per successful hit on its target. This also includes magic currently in effect, such as shielding spells or physical buffs.

Character Inventory: The pactio card described above, and her school uniform. That's all she really had in Haven, so it's all she'll be bringing in here.

Samples: Anything over here should suffice for the interactive sample (all Mayfield posts). This is a post from her stay in Haven. Here she is on Rekindle's test drive meme. And introspection ahoy:

Mayfield. Haven. And now Saeng Seong. Yuna's been in this city for a month now, and she's still waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's hard to believe that the only thing the people in charge here want is for the people to power the city with hugs and kisses and good feelings. She's been lied to before, by people who seemed just as nice and just as reasonable as the people in charge here. Mayfield seemed every bit the nice, normal town it touted itself as - right up until the murder and mind control. And Haven... that place never even pretended to be anything than what it was: a prison with corrupt and insane wardens.

Yuna might be able to swallow the story and hold out a little hope that this place wouldn't just be Murdertown III: Revenge of Murdertown if not for the fact that she knows, deep down in her heart, that she's just a data clone, created for the express purpose of suffering at the whims of whoever created these places. She isn't sure how many of these cities there are out there, but she's long since given up any real hope of returning home to Mahora. The thought alone makes her laugh - like that something like that is even possible. Even if it was, there wouldn't be any home for her there anyway.

Usually she's able to deal with that knowledge, and the loneliness that comes with it. But right now, sitting on the rooftop of the apartment building and staring out over the paper lanterns lighting the city, she can't help but feel a bit of a weight on her chest as she turns those thoughts over in her head. Some part of her still hopes that the whole thing was just a lie or a dream - that someday she'd wake up in her bed in Mahora Academy, late for homeroom with Negi-sensei and a fun day at school with her friends.

Shaking her head to herself, all she can do is laugh at how much it all just really makes her want a hug.
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Name: Yuna Akashi
Canon: Negima! Magister Negi Magi
Age: 18


AIM: OhNoNotTheBees
E-Mail: bcoleman@kent.edu
Plurk: FullOfBees

Also, if you have any questions, comments, or concrit concerning how I play Yuna, please post them here.
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[Phone; backdated to the 17th]

[So, Yuna's teacher was on the list of erased people.  She knows he's not here anymore, but she's got some feelings she needs to get out, so have her yelling over the phones.]

All right, what the heck were you thinking, Negi-sensei?  Erasing yourself just because the town told you to?  That's not the sensei I know!  What happened to the Negi-sensei that never gives up on his friends and always fights to make the world a better place?  You've been through worse than this before!  And what's the Magic World gonna do without you to help save it?  What's Asuna gonna do without you?  I can't believe this.

[Action; outside 2237 Stevens; backdated to the 20th]

[It's been a few days now, and Yuna's recollection of Negi is sort of fading in and out.  Without ever having met him, she would never have found out that her parents were mages or that she had the talent for it herself.  This makes for some rather awkward magic practice out on the front lawn of her house.]

Practe bigi nar!  Ardes...

[She stops for a moment, right in the middle of the beginner's incantation, and just stares at the wand she was waving around.]

Haha, what am I doing with this stick?  Playing wizard or something?


[Later on, folks will be able to catch her screaming at this flaming stick she's suddenly holding as her memories of Negi wink out right after successfully completing the spell.]

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!  What the heck!

[Action; outside 2237 Stevens; December 22nd]

[Anyone passing by Yuna's house today will find her hanging around outside the house, all bundled up and trying to beat the cold.  She seems to be spending a lot of her time staring at a stylized playing card in her hand with a puzzled look on her face.]

I don't remember having this taken... was this from one of those new photo booths in the shopping district back home?
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[Action; outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[Yuna's finally gotten her belated regain from the bomb event, and this time she's a lot less enthusiastic about it than a lot of her previous ones.  She's had good luck so far, so it only stands to reason Mayfield would eventually give her something depressing.  Passersby might notice her sitting on the front step of the house, hugging her knees and with her chin propped up on them.  Every so often she sighs and takes a small photograph out of her pocket to look at.]

[Phone; filtered from drones]

...Anybody else really miss their parents right about now?  'Cause I know I do.  This is going to be my first Christmas and New Year's that I don't get to spend together with my dad.  It's kind of depressing.
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[Action; outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[Yuna's been practicing her magic in Mayfield for a while by this point, assisted along the way by Blue and Negi.  She's finally ready to try some of the more advanced stuff, but there's just one final roadblock in her way: the all-important incantation.  Passersby might catch her standing out on the front lawn of her house, thrusting her handmade wooden wand in various directions as she tries to think.]

Geez, you'd think this would be easier!  I wonder how Negi-sensei came up with his incantation...

[Action; cosplay cafe]

[Later on in the day, after school lets out and she's done practicing basketball in at the gym, Yuna shows up for work at the cosplay cafe.  She's all decked out in a nekomimi maid costume (second girl from the right in the picture), smiling and laughing and just having a good time while she serves customers.  But while she's happy enough to chat up anyone who feels like talking, she's also not shy about putting obvious perverts in their place if she catches anyone staring for too long.]
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[Yuna can be found leaning up against 2237 Stevens Road today, nearly thirty feet tall and looking intensely uncomfortable as she shuffles her giant feet back and forth, keeping her legs crossed as tightly as possible while she looks around the neighborhood.]

What the heck, Mayfield?  You had to do this the one day of the week I decide to wear a skirt?

[Perverts beware - you take your life into your own hands trying to get a glimpse of the goods.  After all, she's much bigger than you are.  For anyone enterprising enough to try and get away with it, they're red.]
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[Phone; unfiltered]

So... Homecoming, huh?  What's that all about?  Is it another big school dance like that prom thing we had before?  We don't have anything like it in Japan, but it sounds pretty fun!  I don't really have anyone to go with, though...

...Hey, I know! Basketball team!  You guys want to all go in a big group together?  I mean, if none of you have dates either.  I thought it'd be kind of fun if we all just spent the night hanging out or something.  We can still get dressed up, but it'll just be kind of a casual thing.

And Negi-sensei, you'd better save me a dance too!
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[Yuna went to bed in her room on Stevens Road last night, but that's certainly not where she's waking up today. Instead, she's curled up on one of the benches at the bowling alley, uncomfortably shifting around as she slowly wakes up.]

Mm... c'mon, just five more minutes, daddy...

[She rolls over in her sleep in the wrong direction, falling off the bench crashing unceremoniously to the floor.]

Ow! Geez, what the heck?

[...Blinking now as she notices where she is, and who she's with. Yeah, she definitely doesn't recognize this guy. Walking over to Denmark, she starts trying to shake him awake.]

Pssst... hey! Heeeeeeeeey! Wake up!
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[Well, the milk has worn off and Yuna's basically done cowering in her room and moping.  She still feels bad, but she knows it won't do any good to just keep sitting around feeling sorry for herself.  The first thing to do is apologize to the town, and then try to get on with her life.]


So, um... I wasn't really feeling like myself last week.  I know I did and said some bad things.

...Really bad things.

But I wanted to at least say I'm sorry.  I guess that's about it.

[Action; rec center]

[Yuna's got her basketball uniform from home back now, so that's some small consolation for what the town put her through.  She's got it on at the rec center today as she practices her shots on the basketball court.  It looks like she's trying to give it her all, but she's missing way more shots than usual.  Easy shots that even a beginner wouldn't have much problem with.  It should be pretty clear to anyone even remotely familiar with the sport that there's something on her mind holding her back, but Yuna just keeps on trying anyway.  It's the only way she knows to keep her mind from wandering to bad places right now.]

[Action; 1446 Mitchell Road]

[After several hours of failed basketball practice, Yuna heads for Negi's house.  She clutches her pactio card tightly to her chest, walking up to the house and ringing the doorbell.]

Hello...?  Negi-sensei?  Are you home?

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[Despite all of Garviel's good intent to protect his daughters, Yuna is just too much of a creature of habit to get out of this event unscathed.  The morning that the tainted milk goes out to the town courtesy of its new police chief, the compulsion kicks in and she drinks a whole bottle of Special Milk down before she even knows what's going on.  Grinning, she wipes away the milk moustache with her forearm before rushing out the door in her pajamas.  Once outside, her eyes widen in surprise.]

No way!  I'm back?

[Drawing out her pactio card, Yuna loudly calls out 'ADEAT!' and transforms into her gunner costume, whipping out a stylized magical pistol and stalking off into the streets with a serious look on her face.]

There's more demons here than ever!  What happened while I was out, anyway?  I'd better be careful!

[Yuna's hallucinating pretty badly.  She thinks she's in the Magic World again, and unfortunately she also thinks all of her fellow Mayfield captives are demons summoned by Cosmo Entelechia to kill her and her friends.  If you come up to her, she will very likely try to shoot you down - and she's not half bad with a pistol, either.  Be warned!]
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[Action; outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[Yup, it's regain time for Yuna.  She got back her most important one right away, so she's wondering what else the town has in mind to send her.  Curiously, she opens up the package that showed up for her this morning, her eyes lighting up brightly as she pulls out a large tube of... well... something.]

No way!  They really sent it back!  Hahaha, yessssssss!

[Whatever's in that thing, she seems pretty enthused about it as she excitedly pumps her fist in the air and jumps for joy in the middle of the sidewalk.]

[Later; still outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[It's midday now, and Yuna's decided to celebrate her new regain by spending some time laying out in the sun.  She's got her trusty orange polka-dotted bikini on, and is set up on a lawn chair with a glass of lemonade at her side and sunglasses on.  Grinning, she sits down and smears some of her mystery cosmetic product onto her skin before stretching an arm out above her head.]

Ahhhhh, there!  That should do it!  Time to catch some rays!

[Young men of Mayfield, there is a reasonably large-chested girl in a bikini shamelessly tanning on her front lawn right where everyone can see her.  You're welcome.]

[Evening; phone; filtered from drones]

So... now that everything's calmed down a little, does anybody want to play basketball with me sometime?  I was thinking of trying to start a girls' club, but I don't think I'll get enough players for a real team, so boys can come too.  Just don't complain when I wipe the floor with you on the court, okay?

((OOC: Just a few tags now and then I'll catch the rest tonight!))
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[Adding to the endless wave of truthtellers on the phone today is one Yuna Akashi.  Prepare for some weird confessions, Mayfield.]

Hey, everyone!  I just felt like getting a couple of things off my chest.

My name's Yuna Akashi.  I just turned 16 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm a middle school student from Japan.  Turns out, I'm also a full-blooded mage!  Who knew, right?  My dad works at Mahora Academy where I go to school and does some magic stuff on the side, and my mom... well, she died when I was just a little girl.  I thought she just got sick or something, but I found out a little while ago before I came here that she actually got killed in the line of duty fighting on the front lines of a war in the Magical World.  Oh, that's on Mars, by the way.  They hide it with a big spell or something.  I'm not really sure how it works.  But that's not the important stuff.

Anyway!  Yeah.  Daddy was pretty much useless on his own without mom around.  He was bad at cooking, even worse at cleaning, and he just wasn't very good at managing stuff around the house.  So I had to kinda fill in for mom.  I learned how to do all that stuff, and daddy and I got a lot closer.  Just a man and his cute little daughter against the world, making it on their own!  Something like that, you know?  We've always been really close that way.  That's why I'm always saying things like 'I'm gonna marry you when I get older' and stuff.  Because every father likes it when his daughter says cute stuff like that to him, right?

Except... I'm getting kind of old for that now.  I don't like to admit it out loud, but I really am.  All my friends laugh at me and make fun of me for it, but I guess I still do it because I'm afraid of losing him.  I want to keep being close like we were when I was growing up.  But I'm getting older, and he probably wants to see other women, you know?  Sometimes when I see him out with a woman his own age, I butt in and act like a brat and break up whatever they're talking about because I get jealous.  It's stupid, I know, but sometimes I feel like if I let him talk to women, he'll start dating one of them.  And then maybe they'll get married.  And it'll be like he's replacing mom.  But I'm the only one who's allowed to replace mom!

So I scare them off.  It's pretty selfish of me, I know, but I just can't help myself.  I get so angry when I see him hanging out with pretty women!  Like that Donet McGinnis lady that works at Mahora - she's way too pretty!  Dangerous levels of pretty!  I have to make sure she doesn't get him alone and work her charms on him!  He says they're just colleagues, but something about it just doesn't feel right to me when I see them together.  I... I don't know.  I just don't like it.

[Yuna takes a deep breath at this point.]

Well, I guess that's about it.  I feel a lot better now!


Oh, yeah.  There was one more thing.  My first kiss was with a ten year old kid who's also my teacher back home.  It wasn't too bad!  I give it a 7.
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[Well, it's the 4th of July.  Yuna's Japanese, so she never really celebrated it before, but cookouts and fireworks sound like a pretty good time.  She's up in the morning as usual, tossing on the boys' basketball uniform she yanked from the high school to go out for a morning run around town before she starts checking out the festivities around town.  She's pretty much normal, but there are a few inconsistencies that creep into her personality throughout the day.]

[Action; running around town]

[Yuna's out for a jog!  This is typical behavior for her - during school, she'd wake up early to get some practice in before classes start.  And while it's summer and she enjoys sleeping in, she's still usually doing this at least a few days out of the week.  But every ten minutes or so, she catches sight of her own clothing and stops, tugging at the shirt.]

What am I doing wearing a boys' jersey?  I should probably...

[Shaking her head.]

Wait, no, this is mine!  ...Huh.  That was weird.

[Phone; filtered to Negi Springfield]

Hey, Negi!  Are you excited for the fireworks tonight?  Does your mom still want me to babysit you?

[There's a short pause, followed by embarrassed laughter.]

I mean... do you want to go together?  It sounds like fun!

[Phone; unfiltered]

Um... did anyone wake up feeling kind of weird today?  Like, deja vu or something?


Yeah, probably sounds kinda crazy, huh?  I probably shouldn't worry too much about it, right?
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[It's Father's Day, but that isn't going to stop Yuna from doing what she usually does... that is, at least until after she's cleaned her room up at home and helped make some breakfast for Garviel and Ryohei's drone.  Afterward, she can be found out and about in Mayfield.]

[Action; morning]

[Yuna's out for her daily jog around town, wearing the basketball uniform she stole from the boys' gym at Mayfield High.  Of course, she'll be stopping along the way to talk to any guys who feel like interrupting her.  She can also be found resting every so often, either just making walking laps around the park or sitting down on a bench to catch her breath.]

Whew... that was a pretty good workout!

[Action; afternoon; Rec Center]

[After her workout around town, Yuna's decided she's going to beat the heat by lazing about in the pool for a while.  She actually managed to find herself a not-entirely-unflattering orange polka-dotted bikini when she was out shopping with Rin the other night, so she's wearing that and just sort of floating on her back in the shallow end of the pool.  Every so often, she swims a slow lap back and forth and goes out to the deep end to do some diving underneath the water, but mostly she's just relaxing at this point.]

[Action; evening; 1446 Mitchell Road]

[Knock knock knock, 1446 Mitchell.  Yuna's here to see Negi!]

Negi-sensei!  Are you there?  Come on, let's hang out together tonight!

((OOC: Yuna's signed up for Father's Day, and can be bossed around by any male character.  Come get her, boys~))
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[Action; outside 2237 Stevens Road]

[The perfect beginning to summer vacation is getting a package in the mail from home.  Yuna eagerly tears into it, wondering what they sent her this time.  Getting her pactio card back before was pretty great, but now she's starting to miss some of her everyday effects, like her basketball uniform and all the junk she buys from the home shopping channels.  Unfortunately, that's not what Mayfield had in mind this time, but at least it's nothing bad either.  Inside the box, there's simply a piece of paper with a few words on Latin written on it.]

Huh... so this is what they sent this time, huh?  Well, might as well give it a shot!

[Yuna smiles a little, posing dramatically with one arm stretched out above her head as she calls out the incantation in Latin.]

Practe Bigi Nar: Ardescat!

[And... nothing.]

...Well, that's weird.  Maybe I still need a starter wand?

[Phone; filtered from drones]

Hey!  Are there any mages in town?  I think I just got some spells back from home, but it looks like I can't use them without a wand.  Some wizards make their own, right?  Does anybody know anything about that?  I've never really done it before, so if anybody could help me out, I'd really appreciate it!
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[Yuna's been wrestling with that letter all day long at school, and has finally decided that it's not worth the risk of losing her father, the one person she cares about more than anyone in the world.  She was utterly silent about it in front of her housemates, and quietly slipped the two guns Garviel had gotten for her into her backpack that morning before leaving for class.

After school lets out for the day, Yuna heads outside with the other kids but hangs back just to the side of the entrance until most everyone is gone.  She's waiting for Lust, her target.  She wouldn't have known who it was at all if not for the fact that she's one of the teachers there.  Her guns are badly hidden in the pockets of her shorts as she waits for her target to show up.]
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[It's Mother's Day, so Yuna can be found in a couple of places around town throughout the day today.]

1. [Yuna's out shopping for flowers.  She doesn't have a whole lot of money, but she's managed to save her allowances from Garviel for a few weeks and should at least have enough for a red rose and some carnations to spruce fill out the bouquet a little bit.  Feel free to bump into her while she's looking around at the selection, or perhaps you're the one selling the flowers to her.]

Hmm... I wonder how many I should get.  I wonder how many I can afford...

2. [Heading home, flowers in hand.  They're currently just wrapped up in some tissue paper, and she's cradling them very closely as she carries them along.  Every so often, she stops, sighs, and smiles wistfully up into the sky before continuing along on her way.]

Mother's Day already, huh...

3. [Once she's back home, Yuna immediately sets about finding an appropriate vase to put the flowers in.  She fills it up with some water, carefully lifting the flowers out of their wrapping and spending a few minutes arranging them tastefully - red rose in the middle, carnations surrounding it on the sides.  And then she takes the whole arrangement into the living room, setting it by the window where everyone can see it.  Anyone paying particular attention to her while she's doing this may catch her whispering at the very end while she looks up one last time into the sunny spring skies of Mayfield.]

...Happy Mother's Day, mom.

[Then she closes her eyes for just a moment to bow her head and smile before going about her business for the day.]
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[Action; 2237 Stevens Road]

[Today after school, Yuna can be found planted squarely in front of the television set, impatiently flipping through the handful of channels available in Mayfield and apparently getting more and more frutsrated by the minute.  Finally, she flops backward onto the carpet, giving an exasperated yell.]

Geez!  What's with this stupid thing, anyway?

[Phone; unfiltered]

Doesn't this town get any home shopping network channels?  Did those even exist in America in the 1950s?  How am I supposed to order skin cream and energy drinks?

[There's the noise of some shuffling papers over the line.]

What about these mail order catalogues that keep showing up in the mail?  Can you actually send away for things, or is it impossible to send letters out of town like how you can't make a phone call out?  What happens if you try?

[Action; outside the Post Office]

[Yuna's standing outside the Post Office holding a letter addressed to somewhere in Japan as she counts through a handful of spare change.]

I wonder how much postage is to Japan...
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[Phone; unfiltered]

Man, that was pretty weird, huh?  How much of all that do you guys think actually happened?  Was it an illusion or something?  Or maybe it was a really long and awesome dream?  Either way, the people in charge around here must be pretty powerful mages to affect a whole town like that for so long.

I'm glad the robot's gone and everything, but I kind of wish they'd have let me keep my other stuff from home.  But they left me the most important thing, so I can't complain too much.  Anyway, if anybody wants to join me since the weather's warmed up, I'm gonna be shooting some hoops after school today!

[Action; Friday afternoon - Mayfield High Gymnasium]

[Just like she said, Yuna's in the school gym after hours today, practicing on the basketball court.  She's wearing a loose shirt and boys' athletic shorts for lack of anything suitable for girls, dribbling the ball up and down the court and taking practice shots.  The hoop's too high up for her to get any awesome dunk shots or anything, but she does land over 90% of the shots she takes from mid-court or closer.  Anyone can feel free to come and join her during her practice, or when she's gone over to the bleachers for a water break]

Hah... I wonder if anyone would be interested in starting up a girls' team?

[Action; Friday night - Makeout Point]

[Yuna didn't announce this, but late Friday evening after the sun goes down, she's up at Makeout Point to practice some gunplay.  It's secluded and out of the way, she reasons, and the fact that she might be interrupting some hot dates seems not to have occurred to her.  At any rate, she draws a small rectangular card out of her pocket.]


[As the command leaves her lips, the card flashes and transforms Yuna into an awesome gunner outfit complete with magical pistol.]

All right, time to get some practice in!

[And she begins running all through the area, dodging left and right and strafing while firing magically charged bullets at rocks and various other pieces of scenery.]


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